The Law Offices of Jane Oak & Associates, PC

Immigration Solutions with Experience and Care

The Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, PC is a Los Angeles, California-based professional law corporation specializing in immigration and business law. Principal attorney Jane Oak works diligently to provide ethical, passionate and comprehensive legal care to all clients, always ensuring their individual needs are met.

Those who turn to the Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, PC can expect holistic legal counsel, tailored to their unique case. We are committed to providing exceptional legal representation to each client, treating them with respect and personal care. Regardless of what each case entails, Jane Oak ensures that all clients are aware of every opportunity they have to realize their dreams and fights for their rights to be upheld.

Committed to Client Needs

Our goal is to ensure each client has a complete understanding of what their case entails. The Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, PC understands that each case is as unique as the clients themselves, and fights to maintain a personal level of communication with clients to ensure a timely and positive resolution for their cases. We never shy away from helping any client seek justice, often taking on pro-bono work to protect their rights.

We are adamant about providing up-front rates for all our services to ensure the client is never kept in the dark about fees. Our legal services are priced reasonably, never compromising the quality and professionalism each client is entitled to. The Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, PC charges a flat fee in lieu of an hourly rate, so each client is aware of the total cost in advance. In addition, we provide payment plans so our legal services are made affordable to all.

To discuss your options or get started on an individual case, contact the Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, P.C. today at (213) 738-8989, via email at, or via WeChat/LINE at LOJO_Law.