Immigration Law

Family-based Immigration
· Greencards through Marriage
· Parent/Child Petitions
· Sibling Petitions
· Adoptions
· VAWA Claims

Employment-based Immigration
· Labor certification (PERM)
· I-140 Petition by Employer
· Immigrant Investor
· Religious Worker
· Registered Nurse (Schedule A)

Nonimmigrant Status
· Professional worker (H-1B)
· Investor (E-2)
· Student (F-1)
· Fiance (K-1)
· Artist/Entertainment (O-1)
· Religious Worker (R-1)

Adjustment of Status
· Affidavit of Support
· Temporary Work Permit
· Advance Parole

Citizenship and Naturalization
· Analysis of Criminal Convictions
· Interview and Exam Preparation

Removal Proceedings
· Bond hearings
· Representation in Immigration Court
· Appeals to BIA and Federal Courts

EB-5 Investor Greencard
· Regional Center
· Direct Investment
· Source of Funds

Resolving immigration issues is a key focus of the Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, PC. We handle all areas of immigration law matters, including family-based immigration services, employment-based immigration, investor visas, temporary work visas, legal status filings and deportation proceedings. For added convenience, we offer help with immigration filings even if you live in another city, state, or country. A large portion of our services are conducted via email and fax, allowing us to represent clients across country with ease.

Our immigration services include, but are not limited to:

Non-Immigrant Visa and Change of Status Applications
· B1/B2
· E-2
· F-1
· H-1B
· J-1
· K-1
· L-1
· O-1
· P-1/P-3
· R-1
· T-1
· U-1

Green Card Applications
· Family-Based Petitions
· Marriage-Based Petitions
· Employment-Based Petitions
· EB-1
· EB-2
· EB-4
· Employer-Sponsored Petitions (PERM Labor Certification)
· EB-2
· EB-3

EB-5 Investments
· Regional Center
· Direct Investment
· Source of Funds

· Asylum Claims
· VAWA Claims
· Citizenship and Naturalization Applications
· Interview and Exam Preparation for Naturalization
· Analysis of Criminal Convictions
· Representation in Immigration Court for Deportation/Removal Hearings
· Appeals to BIA and Federal Courts