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The Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, PC is a Los Angeles, California-based professional law corporation specializing in immigration, real estate, business and intellectual property law. Principal attorney Jane Oak works diligently to provide ethical, passionate and comprehensive legal care to all clients, always ensuring their individual needs are met.

Those who turn to the Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, PC can expect holistic legal counsel, tailored to their unique case. We are committed to providing exceptional legal representation to each client, treating them with respect and personal care. Regardless of what each case entails, Jane Oak ensures each client realizes their dreams and goals and fights to ensure their rights are upheld.  

Committed to Client Needs

Our goal is to ensure each client has a complete understanding of what their case entails. The Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, PC understands that each case is as unique as the clients themselves, and fights to maintain a personal level of communication with clients to ensure a timely and positive resolution for their cases. We never shy away from helping any client seek justice, often taking on pro-bono work to protect their rights.

We are adamant about providing up-front rates for all our services to ensure the client is never kept in the dark about fees. Our legal services are priced reasonably, never compromising the quality and professionalism each client is entitled to. The Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, PC charges a flat fee in lieu of an hourly rate, so each client is aware of the total cost in advance. In addition, we provide payment plans so our legal services are made affordable to all.

About Jane Oak

Jane Oak is the principal attorney at the Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, PC in Los Angeles. With over 12 years of experience in the areas of immigration, real estate, business and intellectual property law, Ms. Oak has established a reputation as one of the most respected and trusted immigration lawyer Los Angeles.

Ms. Oak obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Michigan State University in 1992 and went on to study law at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she obtained her Juris Doctors in 1998.  She was admitted to the California Bar in 1998 and is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, the Los Angeles County Bar Association, and the State Bar of California. She is also a Board Member of the Korean-American Bar Association and President for 2012.

After graduating from Law School, Jane Oak handled several large commercial real estate transactions as an associate attorney at Pircher, Nichols & Meeks in Century City. However, her passion for helping others, especially the immigrant community, led her to open her own practice in 2000.  Since then, her firm has grown to become one of the largest immigration practices in the Korean-American community, as well as prominent in the fields of real estate, business and intellectual property law.

Ms. Oak was a recipient of the prestigious NAPABA's Best Lawyers Under 40 Award, which recognizes legal professionals in the Asian Pacific American community who have demonstrated excellence in their respective fields as well as unwavering dedication to the APA community.

Jane Oak is compassionate about each client’s plight and works tirelessly to ensure a positive resolution for each case is attained.

Legal Services

Immigration Law

Resolving immigration issues is a key focus of the Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, PC. We handle various immigration law claims, including family-based immigration services, employment services, legal status filings and deportation proceedings. For added convenience, we offer help with immigration filings even if you live in another city, state, or country. A large portion of our services are conducted via email and fax, allowing us to represent clients across country with ease.

Our immigration services include, but are not limited to:

  • Asylum Claims
  • Green Card Applications
  • Family Petitions
  • VAWA Claims
  • Labor Certification (PERM)
  •  I-140 Petition by Employer
  • Non-immigrant Visas, Including Investor (E-2) and Student (F-1)
  • Temporary Work Permit
  • Citizenship and Naturalization Applications
  • Interview and Exam Preparation for Naturalization
  • Analysis of Criminal Convictions
  • Deportation Claims
  • Appeals to BIA and Federal Courts
  • Professional worker (H-1B)
  • Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement (O-1 Visa)

Real Estate Law

Our legal services also extend to real estate law, offering clients assistance with several matters, including drafting negotiations and agreements, lease review and negotiation, as well as loan reviews. Our associates will examine your documents and ensure there are no loopholes or errors for your protection.  Whether you are in the market for a new home or would like to lease out a property, the Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, PC is here to ensure your matters are resolved quickly and smoothly.

Business Law

The Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, PC represents clients who seek assistance with commercial and corporate transactions. Business transactions involve several long and detailed documents, and we are here to ensure all your needs are taken care of. Whether you require assistance with drafting a contract or leasing a property for your firm, the Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, PC will make sure your interests are protected.

Turn to the Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, PC for assistance with any of the following business law matters:


  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Contract Drafting, Review and Negotiation
  • Settlement Agreements

Corporate Matters

  • Partnership Agreements
  • LLC Agreements
  • Incorporations
  • Annual Filings and Minutes
  • Corporate Resolutions
  • Shareholder Agreements

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property is a term that describes a work or invention resulting from an individual’s creativity. It can include any number of literary works, artistic projects and designs, symbols, and even equipment. Intellectual property is divided into two categories: Industrial property and Copyright. Industrial property refers to inventions, patents, trademarks or designs, while copyrights include literary or artistic work, such as novels, films, paintings, musical works or architectural designs.

Anyone who has created or designed a new product needs to obtain a trademark or copyright to ensure their work is not stolen by another. The Law Offices of Jane Oak and Associates, PC strives to provide clients with the tools they need to secure a copyright or trademark for their intellectual property in order to prevent plagiarism or theft.

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