Mission Statement

To be a reputable source of legal counsel and services in the areas of immigration, business, real estate, and intellectual property law, so that our clients can make wise decisions and achieve their personal goals in the United States.

Our Governing Values

· We shall strive diligently for excellence in our work product, remembering that our clients' lives have been entrusted to us.
· We shall treat each client with professionalism and respect, while being personable and caring.
· We shall continually study the law so that we can provide competent, comprehensive, and holistic counsel to our clients.
· We shall educate the public on the law and changes in the law through media.
· We shall seek pro-bono work to help the poor and victims obtain justice.

Our Motto

Knowledge -- counsel and educate our clients on the law.
Wisdom -- help our clients apply the law to their lives for wise living.
Actualization -- be a part of our clients actualizing their dreams and goals.